Monday, 17 November 2014

Grasmere Fell Care Day

Location of event
Grasmere Village Hall, Broadgate, Grasmere, Cumbria, LA22 9TA

Sign up with the Friends of the Lake District for a day of volunteering activities in the Grasmere area on Thursday 26 November.

Friends of the Lake District Fell Care Days bring together local communities, schools and volunteers from many different walks of life to understand and learn about the value and importance of our unique upland landscapes through taking part in practical action to protect them. And most importantly, there's always lots of cake to help fuel volunteers through their tasks!

To see the full list of tasks on offer and to register for a task, visit the Flora of the Fells website
Another Fell Care Day takes place on Wednesday 15 October in Coniston

Friends of the Lake District is a charity dedicated to protecting Cumbria's landscape for the future.

Friday, 14 November 2014

LDNPA Consultation Letter

Follow the link to view a recent consultation letter from LDNPA, regarding proposed bridleways from Hawkshead to Wray. All comments welcomed before 30th November 2014.

Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes from our latest committee meeting held on 6th November. 

Any comments or feedback welcomed.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Peak District MTB Survey

The guys at Peak District MTB are running a survey at the minute to gauge the use of Rushup Edge. Help them out by completing this quick Survey. #mtb

38 Degrees campaign for a change of English access law

There is an open campaign on the 38 degrees site for a change to English access laws, to bring us inline with Scottish rights. This include access to land and waterways.

Follow this link and cast your vote to support the campaign.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Notice Of Temporary Closures

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 - Notice of Intention to prohibit traffic over Footpaths and Bridleways in Grizedale Forest , Broughton Moor, Whinlatter Forest and Wythop Woods
Date of change: 4 November 2014
We have made an Order to close routes within the forests because of danger to the public from fast moving vehicles during motor sports events:

Grizedale Stages Rally: Saturday 22 November 2014 and Malcolm Wilson Rally: Saturday 7 March 2015.
Although the order duration is 6 months, the paths will only be closed for 24 hours on the two days. Paths in Wythop Woods are already closed under a separate order. However, those works are expected to be completed by 8 January 2015 after which that order will expire and this order will continue.
If you have any queries, please contact Julia Knott, Countryside Access Assistant on 01768 871403 or
Expires: Sunday 8 March 2015
View more here.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Trees Down!

Couple of trail updates after yesterdays wind..........

There is a tree down across the top of the Zander Zone on the North Face trail in Grizedale.
Also in Grizedale - the sections known as 3 witches, there is a tree across the trail on the second witch after the first right hander.

Take it easy until you know the trails are clear!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Friends of the Lake District Leaders Landscape Training

We recently attended a Leaders Landscape training day organised by Friends of the Lake District, and presented by representatives from The National Trust and Lake District National Park. The day consisted of talks on the ecosystems that exist throughout the different Lake District landscapes and why the area looks like it does today. This was really quite interesting and it was amazing to realise what we actually take for granted every time we step outside.
This was followed up with talks on the development and sustainability of mountain biking in the area and I gave a bit of information to the group on the formation of the Lake District Mountain Bike Association and our objectives.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Update from Grizedale FC

As far as the FC goes, the UKGE event went very well and the hard work of the organisers was credited.

I raised the point of access to the new trails that were created for the event and received the following response - 'The event trails were only ever intended for the event and that decision still stands. Some of the many reasons are public safety, the resources needed to create and manage new trails and the need for consultation before we can create trails.' I am aiming to keep discussions open on this and go for permitted access where possible.

Following a safety assessment of the North face trail, improvements are starting with SPS (construction company) coming to by pass some bits of section 6 at the end of the month. There is 40 tons of stone on site to start some resurfacing, which will continue this week.
Below is an update on the progress of goings on at the LDNPA. As per previous updates this is for your information and all refers to the golakes project. There should be no surprises in any of this and it should add a bit more info with regard to some of the more recent discussions on here.

In addition to this, the committee are meeting tonight to discuss the information received at the recent open meetings, and we will be collating all of the suggestions for footpaths upgrades to bridleway, before we present this to the LDNPA at the end of the month.

Click here for the latest map of the Go Lakes cycle network. This is for info only and is not a promotional map.

In terms of route updates, for the Ambleside to Grasmere route, we’ve got a contractor back in this week to surface the bridleway from Jobson Rock back to Steps End and the tarmac road down to Pelter Bridge. This should be finished next week. A separate contractor will start improvement works on the permitted path along Grasmere shoreline to Red Bank Road in early October which should take most of that month, weather permitting. Then we move on to the footpath through White Moss Wood down to the new bridge over the Rothay at White Moss. The legal work to upgrade the footpaths to bridleways is ongoing – we have received quite a few objections and our Members are meeting to discuss it all on 22 October. (see Mike Pyes post below RE the objections)
We have submitted the planning application for the Hawkshead to Wray route. Apart from the first section of the Blelham Tarn bridleway from Wray, this will be on existing footpaths that need a lot of improvement work on the ground. We’ve started the legal work to upgrade these too.
We’ve started work with the National Trust to get planning applications in for the final sections of routes by Colwith Bridge and Wharton Tarn/ High Cross – not sure when they will be done by yet. - this refers to a comment somewhere below where a section of surfaced bridleway ends and becomes a narrow footpath. The surfaced cycle route will continue to the road.
LDNPA have got confirmation from the Planning Inspectorate that a proposal for a bridleway across the field from Glebe Road in Bowness to Ferry Nabhas been agreed. There had been local objections but these were overcome. Work will be completed before October half term – and it means that you don’t have to go up and cross the A592 to get to the ferry from Glebe Road.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

LDNPA Consultation request

Click here to download the latest LDNPA consulation letter, regarding a bridleway from Satterthwaite to High Dale Park. 
Please notify us of any feedback before 7th October 2014.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

ROWIP meeting update

In addition to the open evening at Whinlatter this Friday evening 12th September, we will also be at Grizedale mtb shop on Saturday 13th between 10am and 12. Sorry for the short notice but hope this gives you another option if you can't make Whinlatter. Hope to see you at either of these events.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Open evening

On Friday 12th September from 18:30 we are holding an open evening at Whinlatter Forest, behind Cyclewise.

The evening is for you as members of the LDMBA to view the maps of the Rights of Way Improvement Plan which is currently under review, and to submit your suggestions for footpath upgrade to bridleway. This is your chance to have your say so come along and get involved.

Several committee members will be there for you to meet and put forward any other issues you would like to raise.

See you there.

Meeting minutes 18/06/14

LDMBA Committee Meeting 18/06/14
Golden Rule, Ambleside
Attendees – DS/AN/MW/TCS/DR
Apologies – DW/MS/PM/DD/ET/MP/MH
Agenda – Review of RoW Improvement plan maps with Dave Robinson from LDNPA
The RoW improvement plan maps are divided into 5 areas within the national park. North/South/East/West and Central.
The RoW improvement plan is around 6-7 years out of date and is being currently being reviewed by LDNPA. The renewed strategy for the RoWIP is to be written for the next financial year.
From the last review there is somewhere in the region of 100+ sections of footpath already suggested on the maps for upgrade to bridleway. Some of the suggestions have been implemented and are now classed as bridleways, others are still awaiting implementation and may not yet have been implemented for a number of reasons including cost/objection/legalities etc. This is a complex issue and not all suggested upgrades are feasible.
2 footpaths have recently been upgraded to bridleway. Sunny Brow to Pull Beck and High Close YH down through low wood to the road.
1 new bridleway has been created running SW from Ambleside through Pull wood.
The LDMBA are now a bona fide user group in the consultation process and are included on the LDNPA contact list to consult in matters relating to bridleway/cycle access.
As part of the current review we need to pin point which fp’s we would like upgrading to bridleway and provide strong reasoning why there is benefit in changing the requested routes. For example, connecting one dead end bridleway to another/forming a useful circular route/linking amenities etc.
Group action - Can any group members inform us if you have had any previous input in the RoWIP. What routes were suggested and for what reasons?
Group action – Where would members like to see upgraded. Please provide us with suggestions for footpath upgrades with strong reasoning why you believe your suggested routes should be changed.
The Derwent Water Circular loop was suggested as a priority upgrade. DR explained the difficulties of RoW legislation. We need to establish who our political contact for the area is. Action DS to write to local MP’s for further information.
DR suggested we link up with the well established CBS and also have a presence on the LAF. James Thurlow has previously agreed to speak on behalf of the LDMBA at LAF meetings. Action AN Agreed to look further into representing us at LAF.
It was suggested that we consider some sort of promotional piece showing that mountain bikers are not frowned upon as in years gone by. Interview some walkers/show positive example of sharing trails etc.
It was suggested that the Committee find out more about the CTC campaign for greater access for cyclists. This with a view of deciding whether LDMBA would back such a campaign.
The Highways act 1980 is the legislative document for access and will provide guidance on changing of RoW. DR agreed to send us a procedure for applying for change of access. Action DR.
CTC were discussed as having a great influence in changes to all kinds of cycling law. We should introduce the group to CTC and discuss our aims with them. Action DS to write to CTC.
If you have any input regarding the group actions please send us an e-mail.

We're now tweeting......

The Lake District Mountain Bike Association are now on Twitter, head on over and give us a like

First committee meeting

Pending any objections to my previous post about the formation of the committee, we are planning on holding the first committee meeting on Thursday 24th April.
My suggested agenda items are:-
Objectives of the Association
Appointment of a Chair person/single point of contact
Roles/responsibilities of committee members
Communications/social networking
Ideas for a Code of conduct
Ideas for an open AGM
Frequency and venues for committee meetings
if you would like anything to be discussed please e-mail us at or use the contact page.
Minutes will be posted up following the meeting

Formation of Lake District Mountain Bike Association Committee

We’ve had a great response to our search for committee volunteers.
We have 12 names, with at least one person from NE, NW, SE, SW and Central and a good range of experience.
Unless anyone has any objections to anything, I suggest these 12 people are all made committee members. We are never going to get everyone attending every meeting so 12 should be good enough coverage for a decent turn out each time. It would be good if we can get everyone at the first meeting though. (date and venue tbc) 
If anyone has any objections to anything or any suggestions for ways that we can do this better then please use our contact page to get in touch or e-mail, otherwise this will be taken as agreed by all.There is a post similar post to this on our facebook page so everyone has the chance to have their say. I want to give everyone good opportunity to object if they wish so lets leave this open for 2 weeks before finalising. End date Monday 21st April.
Piers Mortimer, North East, Cycling club member
Mike Stephenson, South West, 30 yrs riding in The Lakes
Andrew Nelson, North West, 30yrs riding in The Lakes, worked with LDNPA as Parish Councillor and sits on NT committee
Ashley Robinison, North West, 4yrs voluntary service with the Whistler Off Road Cycling Association
Dave Drysdale, South Lakes bike shop owner, some guiding experience
Matt Woods, South East, Rider and employee at Wheelbase
Dave Watson, South Lakes, Retired bike shop owner, had previous interaction with various authorities
Matthew Powell, works for Natural England in The Lakes, interests in protecting fragile habitats
Ewen Turner, Mountaineering Instructor and MTB coach, Chairman of Lakes Branch of BMC
Mark Hatton, Central Lakes rider, keen interests in Rights of Way issues.
Thomas Corda-Stanley, North East, Rider
Dan Stringer, South/Central, MTB Instructor
Remember this is your association and your committee, if you have something to add then please get in touch with us.


The Lake District Mountain Bike Association has been formed following recent surfacing work on a number of bridleways and access routes in the Lake District. This work is seen by our members to be destructive to the promotion of mountain biking in the area as well as scarring the amazing Lakeland trails with urbanised almost concrete like surfaces.
To show your support visit our facebook group or our website