Friday, 29 August 2014

Formation of Lake District Mountain Bike Association Committee

We’ve had a great response to our search for committee volunteers.
We have 12 names, with at least one person from NE, NW, SE, SW and Central and a good range of experience.
Unless anyone has any objections to anything, I suggest these 12 people are all made committee members. We are never going to get everyone attending every meeting so 12 should be good enough coverage for a decent turn out each time. It would be good if we can get everyone at the first meeting though. (date and venue tbc) 
If anyone has any objections to anything or any suggestions for ways that we can do this better then please use our contact page to get in touch or e-mail, otherwise this will be taken as agreed by all.There is a post similar post to this on our facebook page so everyone has the chance to have their say. I want to give everyone good opportunity to object if they wish so lets leave this open for 2 weeks before finalising. End date Monday 21st April.
Piers Mortimer, North East, Cycling club member
Mike Stephenson, South West, 30 yrs riding in The Lakes
Andrew Nelson, North West, 30yrs riding in The Lakes, worked with LDNPA as Parish Councillor and sits on NT committee
Ashley Robinison, North West, 4yrs voluntary service with the Whistler Off Road Cycling Association
Dave Drysdale, South Lakes bike shop owner, some guiding experience
Matt Woods, South East, Rider and employee at Wheelbase
Dave Watson, South Lakes, Retired bike shop owner, had previous interaction with various authorities
Matthew Powell, works for Natural England in The Lakes, interests in protecting fragile habitats
Ewen Turner, Mountaineering Instructor and MTB coach, Chairman of Lakes Branch of BMC
Mark Hatton, Central Lakes rider, keen interests in Rights of Way issues.
Thomas Corda-Stanley, North East, Rider
Dan Stringer, South/Central, MTB Instructor
Remember this is your association and your committee, if you have something to add then please get in touch with us.