Formed in March 2014 in response to the way local authorities were carrying out trail surfacing work. Local mountain bikers became upset by the unsympathetic nature of the surfacing work and by the lack of communication between the local authorities and regular trail users. The formation of the association was welcomed by local authorities and has since rapidly evolved, we have a following of over 850 riders and a 12 person committee with the following aims and objectives......


The LDMBA promotes socially and environmentally responsible use of trails. We feel that current Rights of Way legislation does not represent the current demands of all user groups.

The Lake District Mountain Bike Association Aim.

To be the representative body for off road cycling in the Lake District.

Our Objectives

To be the point of communication between Landowners, local authorities and the off-road cycling community with a particular interest in the following areas -

- Improved access for off-road cycling in the lakes

- Ensuring that maintenance of Rights of Way in the National Park considers the varied needs of off-road cyclists

- Promote awareness within the cycling community on Environmental issues

- Promote good practice for off road cycling in the National Park.

Our Role

The following diagram attempts to show the existing framework for consultation of users of the National Park and how the LDMBA will be used to ensure the requirements of off road cyclists are considered.