Saturday, 24 January 2015

Whinlatter Forest trail digging days

The guys at Whinlatter have a couple of dig days coming up.

If you do 3 days work you`re entitled to a free 12 month car park pass for whinlatter.
It`s a chance to start improving the bits of trail that you ride that are lacking a bit of flow, getting a bit irritating or dangerous. Instead of complaining everytime you splash through a big puddle come and help us get rid of it permanantly! The more people who help the better the trail becomes and you have input into improvements grin emoticon
We`ve been round the North red loop and chopped some trees to help vision while you`re riding and identified various parts that need tweaking and repairing and also walked the proposed new trail that takes out the forest road climb.
If you`ve the time to help maintain and improve the trails you ride meet outside cyclewise on Saturday 31st January at 10am for an enjoyable day grafting or you could use it as a cross training day!
Bring suitable clothing, footwear and some lunch. Gloves, tools and hi vis vests are provided.

Other planned improvement days are -
28th Feb
2nd May

So not many days to make the trails ride brilliant again!
Have a look on the Whinlatter page on Facebook for updates