Bike Security

LDMBA have been working with Cumbria Police to try to find ways to help mountain bikers keep their bikes safe. We're still looking for ways of working together but have agreed to break the issue into 3 distinct areas. 
1 - What to do when you get a new bike
2 - Securely storing your bike
3 - Re-uniting stolen bikes to rightful owners.
Over the coming weeks we'll be talking about how to safely store bikes and improving the chances of re-uniting bikes and owners but the starting point is holding as much information as possible about your bike.
Many owners don't keep accurate details of their pride & joy. This makes things difficult when reporting the theft or, if bikes are recovered, proving a particular bike belongs to you.
LDMBA have produced a blank form that can be used to store your bikes details. The example shows how it works - download the blank, fill in your bikes details, a few photos are a big help, especially if you are pictured with your bike. photograph your paper receipt or a screen shot if you buy from ebay/pinkbike/gumtree etc.
Print it off or just file it on your PC. Hopefully you'll never need it but if the worst happens you'll be able to show the bike is yours.

Take a look at the example here.
Download the form here.