Friday, 29 August 2014

Meeting minutes 18/06/14

LDMBA Committee Meeting 18/06/14
Golden Rule, Ambleside
Attendees – DS/AN/MW/TCS/DR
Apologies – DW/MS/PM/DD/ET/MP/MH
Agenda – Review of RoW Improvement plan maps with Dave Robinson from LDNPA
The RoW improvement plan maps are divided into 5 areas within the national park. North/South/East/West and Central.
The RoW improvement plan is around 6-7 years out of date and is being currently being reviewed by LDNPA. The renewed strategy for the RoWIP is to be written for the next financial year.
From the last review there is somewhere in the region of 100+ sections of footpath already suggested on the maps for upgrade to bridleway. Some of the suggestions have been implemented and are now classed as bridleways, others are still awaiting implementation and may not yet have been implemented for a number of reasons including cost/objection/legalities etc. This is a complex issue and not all suggested upgrades are feasible.
2 footpaths have recently been upgraded to bridleway. Sunny Brow to Pull Beck and High Close YH down through low wood to the road.
1 new bridleway has been created running SW from Ambleside through Pull wood.
The LDMBA are now a bona fide user group in the consultation process and are included on the LDNPA contact list to consult in matters relating to bridleway/cycle access.
As part of the current review we need to pin point which fp’s we would like upgrading to bridleway and provide strong reasoning why there is benefit in changing the requested routes. For example, connecting one dead end bridleway to another/forming a useful circular route/linking amenities etc.
Group action - Can any group members inform us if you have had any previous input in the RoWIP. What routes were suggested and for what reasons?
Group action – Where would members like to see upgraded. Please provide us with suggestions for footpath upgrades with strong reasoning why you believe your suggested routes should be changed.
The Derwent Water Circular loop was suggested as a priority upgrade. DR explained the difficulties of RoW legislation. We need to establish who our political contact for the area is. Action DS to write to local MP’s for further information.
DR suggested we link up with the well established CBS and also have a presence on the LAF. James Thurlow has previously agreed to speak on behalf of the LDMBA at LAF meetings. Action AN Agreed to look further into representing us at LAF.
It was suggested that we consider some sort of promotional piece showing that mountain bikers are not frowned upon as in years gone by. Interview some walkers/show positive example of sharing trails etc.
It was suggested that the Committee find out more about the CTC campaign for greater access for cyclists. This with a view of deciding whether LDMBA would back such a campaign.
The Highways act 1980 is the legislative document for access and will provide guidance on changing of RoW. DR agreed to send us a procedure for applying for change of access. Action DR.
CTC were discussed as having a great influence in changes to all kinds of cycling law. We should introduce the group to CTC and discuss our aims with them. Action DS to write to CTC.
If you have any input regarding the group actions please send us an e-mail.