Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Below is an update on the progress of goings on at the LDNPA. As per previous updates this is for your information and all refers to the golakes project. There should be no surprises in any of this and it should add a bit more info with regard to some of the more recent discussions on here.

In addition to this, the committee are meeting tonight to discuss the information received at the recent open meetings, and we will be collating all of the suggestions for footpaths upgrades to bridleway, before we present this to the LDNPA at the end of the month.

Click here for the latest map of the Go Lakes cycle network. This is for info only and is not a promotional map.

In terms of route updates, for the Ambleside to Grasmere route, we’ve got a contractor back in this week to surface the bridleway from Jobson Rock back to Steps End and the tarmac road down to Pelter Bridge. This should be finished next week. A separate contractor will start improvement works on the permitted path along Grasmere shoreline to Red Bank Road in early October which should take most of that month, weather permitting. Then we move on to the footpath through White Moss Wood down to the new bridge over the Rothay at White Moss. The legal work to upgrade the footpaths to bridleways is ongoing – we have received quite a few objections and our Members are meeting to discuss it all on 22 October. (see Mike Pyes post below RE the objections)
We have submitted the planning application for the Hawkshead to Wray route. Apart from the first section of the Blelham Tarn bridleway from Wray, this will be on existing footpaths that need a lot of improvement work on the ground. We’ve started the legal work to upgrade these too.
We’ve started work with the National Trust to get planning applications in for the final sections of routes by Colwith Bridge and Wharton Tarn/ High Cross – not sure when they will be done by yet. - this refers to a comment somewhere below where a section of surfaced bridleway ends and becomes a narrow footpath. The surfaced cycle route will continue to the road.
LDNPA have got confirmation from the Planning Inspectorate that a proposal for a bridleway across the field from Glebe Road in Bowness to Ferry Nabhas been agreed. There had been local objections but these were overcome. Work will be completed before October half term – and it means that you don’t have to go up and cross the A592 to get to the ferry from Glebe Road.